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About New York Craft Malt

We make malt from the ground up. Working with local farmers to grow grains on the fertile land in western New York State ensures you can brew the best beer possible. From our your glass...cheers!

Our Process

New York Craft Malt produces grains with low protein, high enzyme kernels - perfect for your craft brewing. We start by steeping local grains for two days. Then, we germinate for four days followed by a day of kilning the green malt. Next, it is deculmed - a process where we clean off the rootlets and polish the malt kernels. We age all of our malts for 30 days to balance the moisture and produce perfectly flavored malt. Then it's off to our weighing and packing machine where the malt is packed in 22.68kg sacks. (Smaller sizes are available.)

Our Malt

We know you care about supporting local agriculture...and so do we! Our malting grains are grown in New York State exclusively. In fact, all of our grains are grown in Westen New York - some as close as 10 miles from our malthouse in Batavia, New York. Choose from nearly 50 Base and Specialty Malts.

Our Equipment

Our malthouse features fully automated equipment crafted of durable stainless steel. Working directly with an engineer and metal fabricator, Ted designed a state-of-the-art steeping vessel. He also collaborated with a manufacturer of germinating and kilning vessels to help design improvements to their equipment, providing the maltster with expanded control over the malting process.Our malting system will produce 3 tons of quality New York State malt per week, totaling over 150 tons annually. 

Our Mission

New York Craft Malt will produce handcrafted, small-batch, artisinal malts from locally grown (New York) grains for the Nano, Farm, Craft, Micro, and Home Brewer and Distiller.We pledge to maintain the highest standards possible to bring you truly local malts made with care.

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