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Handcrafted Malt from Local Grains

We make our malt from the ground up.

Local Grains make Local Malt
Local Grains make Local Malt

Ted & Patty Hawley, owners of New York Craft Malt in a barley field 10 miles from their malthouse.

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Wheat Malt Hands
Wheat Malt Hands

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Harvest Time
Harvest Time

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Local Grains make Local Malt
Local Grains make Local Malt

Ted & Patty Hawley, owners of New York Craft Malt in a barley field 10 miles from their malthouse.

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Products and Services

Find out about our malt varities, how to order, and delivery options that are best for you. Home Brewers -  buy our malt online by selecting the More tab and clicking on Shop. If you're in New York City, our malt is available at Bitter & Esters in Brooklyn.

 Our Malts
How to Order
For Home Brewers

What Brewers Are Saying:

Adam Burnett, Brewer at Eli Fish Brewing Company in Batavia, NY (formerly, Cellarman at Scorched Earth Brewing Company in Illinois) has this to say about New York Craft Malt:


"Layering New York Craft Malt's Caramel and Roasted Malts create some of the best porter and stout profiles I've brewed."


"I couldn't imagine brewing our New England IPA's without New York Craft Malt's Malted Oats."


"New York Craft Malt's Pilsner is the perfect base malt for our noble hop lagers."


"About 5% of NYCM's Sugarpils in every batch give us better head retention than any dextrin malt I've worked with."

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Custom Specialty Malts Made to Order
Warthog Hard Red Wheat Malt
Oak & Plum Wood ready for smoking

New York Craft Malt is your #1 choice for Specialty Malts in New York State and beyond! In addition to our 2-row Base Malt and Munich Malts, we also offer a variety of specialty malts sure to bring depth and nuance to your brews. Choose from Light, Medium, and Dark Roasted Malt (in any grain), and Light, Medium, and Dark Crystal Malt to our hard wood and fruit wood Smoked Malts. If you're looking for character along with terroir then try one of our specialty malts today. We will also custom roast or smoke to your specifications.

We also offer heriloom varieties of wheat and rye malt. Choose Warthog Hard Red Wheat or Danko Rye. 




Schedule a Malt Sensory Tasting

Wort Steep.jpg
Wort Samples.jpg

Malt is the backbone of great craft beer and the best way to determine how any grain will perform in your recipe is to taste it as an infusion. We steep our grains to create a wort for you to sample, then build your brew around a particular flavor profile. 

We hold malt sensory events at our malthouse periodically, or schedule an appointment and we'll come to you! Call Patty at 585.813.8399 or email

Latest News 
Cornell Video.jpg

With New Barley Variety, Cornell Leads

the Way for Brewers

Cornell researchers have just released a new variety of New York-adapted spring barley, to meet needs created by a 2012 Farm Brewery Bill that expects New York’s craft brewers to steadily increase the amount of state-sourced ingredients used in their beer.

“What the New York State Legislature didn’t realize [when they passed the 2012 law] was that there was no malting barley being grown in New York,” said Mark Sorrells, professor of plant breeding and genetics. While barley for animal feed has been grown in New York state, malting barley had not been since Prohibition, which went into effect 100 years ago.

As a result, farmers scrambled to grow varieties found in western states and plant breeders began working on New York-adapted varieties that are resistant to local fungal pathogens and pre-harvest sprouting in the state’s wet climate. Dormancy while the grain is on the plant is important because Western barley varieties grown in New York often sprout on the plant prior to harvest, making it unacceptable for malting.

Now, Sorrells, his graduate student Daniel Sweeney, and colleagues, have developed, in record time, a locally adapted variety of malting barley. 

The New York-adapted spring malting barley has just been released to a handful of pre-selected farmers, who will grow a stockpile of certified seeds. Next year, the new seed will be distributed to up to 30 farmers around the state who have learned to grow barley, with the help of Cornell Cooperative Extension educators. Malt made from the first New York-adapted barley should be available for brewers to purchase by fall 2021.              

Click HERE for the full story.

Cornell Farmers.jpg
CCE Extension Educator Kevin Ganoe (L) inspects a barleyfield with grower Corey Mosher.
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Great Lakes Flakes NOW AVAILABLE!

Choose from  Flaked Corn, Barley, Oats, Rye, and Wheat.

Our flakes out perform commodity flaked grains in extract and guaranteed freshness!

"This flaked corn has high available extract, and converts easily (without cooking) to produce a clear wort which was light in color.  


The pre-gelatinization from your steam treatment process is a big benefit for brewers or distillers, and should be marketed as such. These will perform well in a brewery or distillery."

 - Aaron MacLeod, Director

   Hartwick College Center for Craft Food & Beverage 

To order call Patty at 585.813.8399

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